Who am i

Sudqi AbuDhier is a multifaceted professional distinguished by his extensive expertise in various fields such as journalism, media, digital content creation, and digital marketing. He holds a Master's degree in Policy Planning and Development, which reflects his deep understanding and ability to efficiently analyze and formulate media and marketing strategies.

Siddiqi serves as a specialized trainer in digital marketing via social media platforms, with the capability to educate and guide entrepreneurs, shop owners, and non-governmental organizations on how to leverage these tools to enhance their online presence and achieve optimal business outcomes.

Furthermore, Siddiqi excels in producing high-quality and creative videos and posts, establishing him as a trusted consultant in media and digital marketing. He is also a researcher who combines academic knowledge with practical application in his guidance and consultations, contributing to tangible results for his clients. His ability to reach a wide audience, including university students from various disciplines, homemakers, and professionals, enables them to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge in the realm of digital marketing and online content management.

Little information

  • Expert in Sustainable Development: Holds a Master's degree in Planning and Sustainable Development (2021), with a thesis titled "The Role of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Sector in Sustainable Development."

  • Prominent Media and Digital Marketing Consultant: Served as a consultant for Zohal Marketing Solutions in 2021.

  • Active Role in COVID-19 Awareness: Worked as a digital media consultant for the international organization ACTED in 2021, contributing to community awareness campaigns about COVID-19.

  • Professional Membership: A member of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, reflecting his commitment to professional journalism standards.

  • Excellence in International Training: Serves as a trainer in digital marketing and media at the High Innovation Center in Dubai, UAE.

  • Extensive Training Experience: Completed 250 hours of digital marketing training in collaboration with PalTrade, 40 hours at the British Training Center, and another 40 hours at the Arab Consulting Center.

  • Leader and Trainer: Led training sessions for the youth department in collaboration with the General Federation of Trade Unions.

  • Social Media Club Coordinator: Coordinated the Social Media Club in the West Bank in 2017, enhancing media skills in the region.

My experiences

  • Career Journey in Media and Marketing: His professional journey began in 1999 as a program presenter at Radio Tariq Al-Mahabba, where he enriched listeners with engaging and beneficial content.

  • Diverse Roles in Media: From 1999 to 2004, he held various roles at TVGAMA in Nablus, including program producer and presenter, marketer, ad designer, photographer, and journalist, gaining multidimensional experience.

  • Leadership in Radio: In 2007, he took on the role of Sales and Public Relations Manager and Program Presenter at Radio Nablus, further developing his managerial and media skills.

  • Enhancing Radio's Marketing Identity: In 2009, he served as Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Radio Hayat, where he hosted a successful program that strengthened the radio's connection with its audience.

  • Expanding Experience in Radio: In 2013, he worked as Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Radio Panorama in Nablus, innovating media marketing strategies.

  • Commitment to Volunteer and Charitable Work: In 2019, he demonstrated his social commitment by volunteering as the Executive Director of the Dar Al-Ataa Charitable Development Association, directing his efforts towards making a positive impact in the community.

Digital advice

Dear Students, Researchers, and Employers,


I would like to share some valuable tips and guidance based on my extensive experience in media, digital marketing, and sustainable development. You all understand the importance of continuous innovation and skill development to keep pace with the rapid changes in the business and technology world.


For University Students: Make the most of your study period to build a broad professional network and develop your analytical and research skills. Volunteering and participating in non-governmental organizations can provide practical experience that enhances your resume.


For Business Owners: I encourage you to adopt digital technology to enhance your communication with the public and develop digital marketing strategies to reach as many potential customers as possible. Invest in continuous training for your teams to ensure their skills are consistently updated and innovative.


The digital world offers us many opportunities for growth and development, but we must exploit these opportunities efficiently and effectively. Always strive to learn, grow, and connect to build a bright future for yourselves and your communities.


With sincere appreciation and best wishes,

Sudqi AbuDhier

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